A Call

For environment that unifies!

Environmental accessibility, which we tend not to think about in our daily lives, can be a serious challenge for a lot of people whose abilities are limited, even to perform simple and seemingly easy activities – get to a medical institution, a shop, to a hairdresser or use the public transport. Same can be referred to acquisition of information, perception of important announcements by reading or hearing them.

Creation of accessible environments is most often overlooked at various entertainment and cultural events, and the reasons for that can be various – starting from a need to have additional investment to adapt the environment for people with limited abilities to the lack of understanding, knowledge or even interest in organising an event or activities that are truly accessible for everyone. And no matter how hard it is to admit it – a large part of the society is simply not ready to be together in a time and space with someone who might need help.

Building an inclusive society begins with attitudes, understandings, formed by knowledge and practice based on well thought off and modern solutions and technologies. Within the framework of the conference, we will draw attention to the availability of technologies and various construction solutions, which not only promote integration within the society, but also comply with the guidelines of modern design and aesthetic requirements for a visually attractive and pleasant space.

By inviting professionals from different fields to participate in the conference, we would like to draw attention to the fact that inclusive design today applies to every area and affects each of us. Also, by listening to the experts sharing their experience, achievements and possibilities, each of the participants of the event will be able to see how easily the principles of inclusive design can be implemented, while for the target audience they ensure equality to feel accepted, integrated and entitled to the use of equal opportunities according to their abilities. It accordingly contributes to the ability of the general public to accept diversity and build an inclusive and cohesive society together.

We invite everyone to watch the recordings of the conference “Challenges of Inclusive Design in the Urban Environment” in order to get inspired, understand and create a space together in which everyone feels accepted and integrated, thus, giving an opportunity for positive emotions and power of cohesion. The recordings are now available in section “Videos

About the conference

The backbone of the modern and development-oriented society is public equality in its broadest sense, which means access to the environment, information and communication technologies (ICT) and protection of groups at risk of social exclusion and discrimination.

Assessing contribution of the EU funds to implement the initiative “Equal Opportunities”, as well as necessity to raise awareness and promote dissemination of information  among the general public including responsible institutions involved in implementation of the measures, the Ministry of Welfare of the Republic of Latvia on 24 November 2021 is organizing a conference “Challenges of Inclusive Design in the Urban Environment”, where experts and professionals from various fields will talk about possibilities to promote technologically adapted environments and infrastructures, including access to the information communication technologies for everyone, with an aim to promote equal opportunities for everyone to feel accepted, included and entitled to use those opportunities depending on their abilities.

Experts from various sectors and opinion leaders with an in-depth understanding of inclusive design and the importance of implementation of its principles to improve environment and ensure accessibility did give presentations during the conference.

Aim of the conference

To promote awareness and understanding among professionals and general public about inclusive design and contribution of the EU funds to implementation of the horizontal principle of Equal Opportunities, inter alia, to raise public awareness and interest in achievements and applications of the inclusive design, aimed at promoting environmental and ICT accessibility for everyone –respectively – promoting formation of inclusive societies, with a practical focus on environmental accessibility.

Target audience

The content of the conference is focused on ensuring that each of us can gain valuable information for building a more inclusive society. We especially invite the officials of the state and local governmental institutions responsible for planning, implementation and supervision of the social policy, representatives of various organizations, including foreign, that are responsible for accessibility, social inclusion, inclusive design and universal design related topics (including architects, architects’ offices, construction sector, non-governmental organizations representing interests of persons with disabilities, representatives of educational institutions, including vocational and higher educational establishments that are implementing construction and IT study programs, students, lecturers, etc.)

Time & Place

Time: 24 November 2021, from 9:00 to 16:30
Place: conference was held online at www.videvieno.lv (online stream & Zoom platform)

Working language of the event – Latvian and English (in order to provide translation from English, there will be simultaneous translation, sign language translation and subtitles in Latvian)


During the conference, implementers of the EU funds’ good practice projects were nominated and awarded, they will be chosen in advance based on environmental and information consultations’ results at the EU funds project implementation sites.