Accessibility statement

The website is designed for the needs of the conference so that the content of both the website and the online conference is available to the widest possible public.

There are no videos on the website befero the online conference streaming, so there is no need for subtitles and sign language interpretation. During the conference, a live broadcast will be provided, within which part of the content will be available with simultaneous translation from English into Latvian and vice versa, sign language translation and subtitles in Latvian

The content on the website is divided into blocks, which makes it easier to understand the information. Within a single page, a website has the ability to move up and down using the arrow keys on the keyboard.

The website provides the ability to change the color and background of text – to turn on high-contrast modes that improve the visibility of information for the visually impaired.

All popular browsers allow you to zoom in and out of website content. This can be done by pressing the Ctrl and “+” or “-” keys or by holding down the Ctrl key and scrolling up or down with the mouse wheel.

There are no pop-ups on the website that could make it difficult for the user to access the published content.

Viewers of the online conference have the opportunity to indicate in the registration form the special needs for successful participation in the online event, so that the organizers can provide the best possible technical solutions according to the desired requirements

How accessible is this website?

When developing the website, the Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 445 of 14 July 2020 “Procedures for Institutions to Post Information on the Internet” and the requirements specified therein have been taken into account. Additional financial resources are needed to address some of the non-compliances identified, which are not yet foreseen.

Some sections of this website may not be fully accessible. For instance:

The online conference may not be fully subtitled and translated;

Accessing some sections of the website and moving between them can be difficult from the keyboard.

The accessibility assessment has been carried out using the Ministry of the Environment and Regional Development’s Guidelines for Assessing the Impact of Compliance with the Accessibility Requirements for Institutional Websites and Substantiating Disproportionate Burdens (WCAG 2/0 AA).

How is the accessibility of the website improved?

During the preparation of the conference, the special needs of the participants for successful participation in the online event are clarified and the best possible technical solutions are sought individually.

Report the accessibility of the website by writing to the e-mail address

Details of the preparation of the notification

This statement was prepared on 03.11.2021.