Jutta Treviranus
Director of the Inclusive Design Research Centre (IDRC)
Jutta Treviranus is the director of the Inclusive Design Research Centre (IDRC), which she founded in 1993. The mission of the centre is to proactively ensure that emerging technical systems and associated practices are designed inclusively. She is also a professor at OCAD University in Toronto where she established a graduate program in inclusive design. Dr. Treviranus is the Head of the Inclusive Design Institute a multi-organization centre of expertise, and the Co-Director of Raising the Floor International. Jutta is credited with developing an inclusive design methodology that has been adopted by large enterprise companies such as Microsoft, as well as public digital services such as the Canadian Digital Service. Jutta has played a pivotal role in developing international accessibility standards and regulations such as the ISO and IMS AccessForAll standard, the W3C Web Accessibility Initiative Authoring Tool Accessibility Guidelines, and the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act.  Over her 40 years in the field Jutta has developed extensive international expertise in inclusive design processes and accessible smart environments.
Gatis Eglītis
Minister of Welfare of the Republic of Latvia
Kristine Andreassen
Strategist in sustainability in Jönköping municipality
Kristine Andreassen is a strategist in sustainability in Jönköping municipality. Her main focus area is people with disabilities but also how the municipality can work towards the Sustainable Development Goals. She is involved in making policies and guidelines for the organisation as well as participating in specific projects regarding people with disabilities and development of the city. Jönköping is a town with an active civil rights society and the municipality is working on different levels to include the citizens in projects and decision making.
Ivars Balodis
Member of the Board of the Association "Apeirons"
Ivars Balodis has been leading the Association of Disabled People and their Friends Apeirons since 1997. One of the all-time priorities in the organization is to promote an accessible environment and universal design. Apeirons is the only organization in Latvia that has developed and implemented training for environmental accessibility experts and provides accessibility consultations throughout the country. In parallel with the consultations, accessible environmental audits are performed, methodological materials are developed, seminars and conferences are organized. The association manages the Internet resources of accessibility www.videspieejamiba.lv, as well as social initiatives - a database of available places in Latvia, Finland and Estonia - www.mapeirons.eu
Uldis Zanders
SIA 'DEPO projekts' Co-owner, Chairman of the board, construction project manager
Certified architect, cert. no. 1-00770 LAS associate member, certification center expert Experience, the most important objects:
  • New building of the business institution - Origo extension, Satekles street 2B, Riga
The building is designed as a continuation of the existing ORIGO shopping center on the site of the former central post office building. The new building provides a circular flow of visitors throughout the complex, connecting the city streets with the railway platform with shopping galleries. The building includes spacious office space on the 4th, 5th and 6th floors.
  • New building of the office complex ‘Business Garden Latvija’ and territory development, Malduguņu Street 1 and 2, Mārupe
Office buildings are located along K. Ulmaņa gatve, protecting the residential house 'Lindenholma' from noise (project name 'Urban Village Marupe'). The whole territory is designed as a single landscaped city garden. In the territory of 'Business Garden Rīga' parking lots are located partly under the buildings.
Julia Cederbrant
Strategic traffic planning and sustainable urban development at Jönköping Municipality, Sweden
Works with strategic traffic planning and sustainable urban development at the Urban Planning Department at Jönköping Municipality. She is working with alterations in the physical urban environment as well as behavioral changes for a more sustainable and inclusive Jönköping
Oļegs Ņikitins
Latvia’s leading workplace strategist and founder of workplace advisory agency Lietus
Assists employers in adapting both their offices and ways of working to the reality of the new now - a concept that shifts its meaning quite often lately. Coordinating strategic design of spaces, Oļegs merges design, psychology, scenography and dramaturgy competences to create work destinations that inspire and motivate.
Karīna Miķelsone
Deputy Chairman of the Ādaži Municipality for Development Issues
Professional and qualified Development Process Manager, with experience in strategic planning and implementation management, spatial development planning - implementation, as well as project activities and construction management. Positive experience in planning the ergonomic and functional environment in Riga East Clinical University Hospital, as well as integration of creative solutions in public infrastructure.
Agnese Rudzīte
Artist, creator of graphic works - tactile paintings
Latvian artist (born Matisone), who creates graphic works - dots, tactile paintings (tangible works intended for blind people), as well as sews textile paintings and creates coloring pages. Agnese Rudzīte is a Master of Arts, Honorary Citizen of Higashikava, Hokkaido Island in Japan, winner of the title “Liepaja Cultural Player of the Year 2015”, “Liepaja Culture Award 2015” and a representative of the International Art Association IAA / AIAP UNESCO.
Pēteris Jurčenko
Co-Founder of Turn.lv, digital environment accessibility Expert, UX designer
Usability (UX) designer and accessibility expert who cares about people's needs and comfortable design. He is currently actively educating businesses and public authorities on how to gain a competitive advantage and avoid trouble by including aspects of digital accessibility in websites, systems and mobile applications. In 2020, the team led by Peter created a design for the technological solution "E-Saeima" within a month. The design of the tool allowed the institution to switch fully to teleworking in a short time, taking into account the different computer skills and experience of Members.
Liene Jākobsone
Architect, designer, manager of the studio Sampling
Lecturer at the Latvian Academy of Arts, design researcher, author of several scientific publications, actively participates in promoting design awareness, giving lectures, conducting seminars and workshops, as well as writing about design for various target audiences.
Ints Balodis
Head of IT Services at the State Regional Development Agency
Head of IT Services at the State Regional Development Agency. An active fighter for improving the usability of electronic services. Video production teacher, advocate of adult education programs and easy-to-understand communication ideas. Also the author of the video content and the creator of the YouTube channel resume.lv.
Jurģis Briedis
Environmental accessibility expert of the association "Apeirons"
Environmental accessibility expert of the Association of Disabled People and their Friends "Apeirons" since 2011. Also worked as a consultant in the State Construction Control Bureau from 2015 to 2017. Gained experience in various international projects in Spain, Great Britain, Norway, Germany and elsewhere. Participated in the improvement of construction standards, various methodological materials for environmental accessibility, development of guidelines. Provides opinions, prepares audits and advises builders, developers, architects and anyone interested in environmental accessibility issues. He has lectured several times at the Latvian Union of Architects, in various seminars and conferences. Education: RTU, professional bachelor / engineer qualification in construction.
Marija Kožarina
Chairman of the Board of the Association "SocIntegra"
Chairman of the Board of the Association "SocIntegra" Project management, work with volunteers, Working with blind people, typography, tactile map development, layout (Corel Draw, Photoshop, 3D Max)
Marina Petrakova
Co-founder and CEO of VREACH, Co-founder and Board Member of Riga TechGirls
Marina is the founder and CEO of medical technology startup VREACH that provides specialists with the digital tool to conduct remote, engaging, and insightful rehabilitation to children in virtual reality. Marina has gained wide experience working in healthcare and IT spheres, as well as creating social initiatives in both industries: she is a board member and co-creator of Riga TechGirls aiming to increase digital literacy among society, as well co-creator of the Digital Health strategy of Latvia. Her passion is to create impactful agile products and initiatives that increase patient-centricity, promote effective healthcare, diversity, and inclusion among society.
Māris Grāvis
Chairman of the Board of the Association "Rīgas pilsētas" Rūpju bērns "", Member of the Board of SIA "RB CAFE"
Chairman of the Board of the Association "Rīgas pilsētas" Rūpju bērns "", Member of the Board of SIA "RB CAFE", Member of the Board of SIA "Ģimenes asistentu serviss". Advocate of socially responsible policy.
Anete Ilves
Legal Adviser in the Social, Economic and Cultural Rights Division of the Ombudsman's Office, specializing in the rights of persons with disabilities
Legal Adviser in the Social, Economic and Cultural Rights Division of the Ombudsman's Office, specializing in the rights of persons with disabilities
George Anthony Giannoumis
Action researcher, social entrepreneur, equality advocate
Anthony’s work focuses on technology policy and practice. He is an internationally recognized expert in universal design of information and communication technology (ICT). He leads several large-scale research and innovation projects based in over 27 countries. Anthony is an Associate Professor of Universal Design of ICT at the Department of Computer Science at Oslo Metropolitan University (OsloMet). He maintains several international appointments including at the Harvard Law School Project on Disability at Harvard Law School, the Burton Blatt Institute at Syracuse University, the Department of Science and Informatics at the University of Eduardo Mondlane, and the Department of Education at Roma Tre University. He works with the United Nations (UN) International Telecommunications Union (ITU) as the Vice Rapporteur for the subcommittee on ICT Accessibility and Research Coalition lead for the EQUALS Global Network. He is founder and Chair of the Board for the Global Universal Design Commission Europe AS, and Ser Innovation AS. He is a member of the board for Mfano Design Lab, the Global Universal Design Commission, Inclusive-IT, and Humans for Humans. He has been a member of the Association for Computing Machinery's (ACM) Task Force on Diversity and Inclusion and was awarded a Marie Curie Fellowship as part of the DREAM research network.
Michal Popov

Michal has been the driving force in getting the  most successful campaign of McCann Tel Aviv, Ikea ThisAbles , which, in 2019, brought McCann Tel Aviv a Cannes Lions Grand Prix, on top of many Gold and Silver Lions.

She began her career as an account executive at Publicies and then in McCann Tel Aviv, rapidly climbing to VP. Among the brands she has led and still leading  are Unilever, Ikea, Nespresso, El Al airlines and many more.

Michal has a major role in keeping McCann's dominance as Israel's leading agency , leading more then 12 clients  to business win. VP Clients, MCCANN TEL AVIV

Omer Lubelski
CEO at Tamar Accessibility (Israel)
Omer Lubelski, CEO Tamar Accessibility & Founder of A-Check app B.Arch, Polytechnic University of Turin, Italy "I am passionate about Accessibility and Inclusion. I have a personal connection to my field of work due to friends and family with different ability issues. Because I love what We do, our Accessibility consulting firm is leading Israel toward an Inclusive future for all. My passion led me and my team to Create A-Check, a technology based app which allows accessibility surveys in each facility and offers a remediation plan which is available in various countries."
Matthew Parker
EVP Innovation at HelpSeeker
Matt joined the HelpSeeker team in Nov 2020 with a background in driving innovation in the public sector and a heavy focus in healthcare. Matt has deep experience in developing commercialization strategies for complex and technical products. Previous to his work in AI/ML, Matt worked in commercialization and innovation in Toronto for Sinai Health System. Matt has obtained his PhD in Biochemistry from the University of Victoria and an MBA from the Schulich School of Business.
Sylvain Denoncin
President of Okeenea Group - European leader in accessibility for people with disabilities
Sylvain Denoncin is an international expert on inclusive technologies and universal design. He has given lectures in 20 countries. Now works for ISO and AFNOR standards. He's the former president of the French Association of Accessibility Companies that gather about 70 companies. Founder and President of Okeenea Group that develop inclusive technologies and manage projects all over the world.