Opening. Minister’s speech
GATIS EGLĪTIS, Minister for Welfare of the Republic of Latvia

Building an Inclusive Mindset to Navigate Our Complex Future
JUTTA TREVIRANUS, Inclusive Design Research Centre (IDRC) (Canada)

Access to the environment and technology as a precondition for equality
IVARS BALODIS, Association “Apeirons”
Promotion of environmental accessibility in the urban environment, observance of general legal principles in local governments
ANETE ILVES, Ombudsman’s Office
Universal design: the principles that unite society
JURĢIS BRIEDIS, Association “Apeirons”
An inclusive society – a prerequisite for a happy life
MĀRIS GRĀVIS, Association “Riga city “Rūpju bērns””, “RB Cafe”

Jönköping – The inclusive city
KRISTINE ANDREASSEN, Jönköping municipality, Sweden,
JULIA CEDERBRANT, Jönköping Municipality, Sweden

Responsible, creative and critical attitude in creating inclusive architecture

Diverse experience as a prerequisite for inclusive design
LIENE JĀKOBSONE, studio “Sampling”

The expressions of a space: how scenographic and dramatic instruments can influence emotions in the interior. Experience from building offices
OĻEGS ŅIKITINS, workplace advisory agency “Lietus”

To touch-it is allowed-not to be afraid
AGNESE RUDZĪTE, artist, graphic artist – creator


Universal Design for the Information Society
G. ANTHONY GIANNOUMIS, Oslo Metropolitan University
ICT and innovation culture as a tool for inclusive design: a practical story

Inaccessible communication. HOW?
INTS BALODIS, State Regional Development Agency

Accessibility check or how to improve WEB page quality
The role of the municipality in the construction of inclusive design infrastructure and the availability of public services
KARĪNA MIĶELSONE, Ādaži Municipality
A-Check by Tamar Accessibilty – using technology to ensure urban life for all
OMER LUBELSKI, Tamar Accessibility (Israel)

Cohesion and tolerance as a safety cushion for everyone in society
MARIJA KOŽARINA, Association “SocIntegra”

Innovation & inclusive mobility: 2 projects in NYC

Social Sector Navigation – The potential of technology
MATTHEW PARKER, HelpSeeker (Canada)

Rewarding good practice projects of EU funds

Jönköping – The inclusive city

Strategist in sustainability in Jönköping municipality, KRISTINE ANDREASSEN